Sandbag Sets (of 3)

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Diversify your training options and allow a full spectrum of movement and exercise with a set of three! From throws and presses, squats and cleans to heavy loads and carries, these sets are arranged for individual use in a broad range of training and are a versatile addition to any home gym. 

MINI SET: 50lbs, 75lbs and 125lbs (Ideal for an individual between 100-150lbs bodyweight)

MID SET: 75lbs, 125lbs and 175lbs (Ideal for an individual between 150-200lbs bodyweight)

MAX SET: 100lbs, 150lbs and 225lbs (Ideal for an individual between 200-250lbs bodyweight)


For the month of July, every sandbag sold will feed an impoverished family in Uganda, Africa. Our national friends at Nets 4 Life ministries will deliver one of our Point One sandbags filled with rice or beans for sandbag purchases made online. We believe in international partnership that empowers communities living in poverty without interjecting harmful dependency into the culture. These sandbags are especially useful to Ugandan families by providing high-quality storage that will maintain its integrity much longer than the linen or plastic bags used most often. These families will also be receiving a life-saving mosquito net to protect against malaria, a deadly disease that has the highest incident rate in Uganda over any other African nation. We hope that you will join with us in offering these life-saving provisions and the message of love that comes with it. Don’t want your own sandbag, but would like to donate to this cause any way? Send us a message or email

Product Details:

Point One training sandbags offer a frill-free, compact and versatile option for training for balance and structure.

Point One training sandbags are made with 1050D Cordura ballistic nylon, a YKK zipper and reinforced double-stitched seams for a durable construction that can withstand drops and heavy use. A built in filler bag creates a double-walled barrier for leak-free and dust-free containment. Embroidered logo design adds to the durability of a classic look.

These sandbags can be easily filled and emptied for portable convenience from gym to beach to park. Filler material not included. Playground or coarse sand recommended. Sandbag weight may become less or more than the loadable capacity depending on the filler material that is used. Sandbag material may expand over time.

Sandbags could be under-filled or utilize space filler such as crum rubber to fill for loads lighter than 50lbs or between sizes. Thee three-step enclosure system (Velcro inner bag, zipper and top flap) keep a neat seal suitable for indoor use, yet allows adjusting bag weight a quick and simple process.

Other Specifications:

Color: Desert Tan with black logo and detail

Weight marked labels on top flap

9” Embroidered Point One Logo


12-month Manufacturers warranty *Warranty covers leakage through seams, but does not cover regular wear-and-tear from use and does not cover puncture by sharp objects. The enclosure strap is not designed as a handle and using the flap to lift or move the bag will void the warranty.