Love is Alive

Love is Alive

Posted by Sarah Loogman on Apr 12th 2020

In the quest for spirituality and awakening, one becomes increasingly drawn to the pursuit of experience versus the reality of relationship. This natural attraction is innately human - a finite creature defaulted to seeking pleasure. Our experiences - the traumatic, dramatic, surreal and sensual - are often the defining points of our lives and have the power to alter the course of our chosen reality. Yet when we consider the summation of our life and reflect on the quality and reason for what we’ve learned, it’s relationship that matters most - whether we went with or without.

At the core of this ministry is a vision to share the radical truth of a man named Jesus. The point has infinitely less to do with the syntax of the language used and instead indicates the truth of one person who, when relationship considered, is the ultimate awakening point of mankind. Our intent is not to convince or influence, but to exemplify, share and unify just in the same manner that friendship ought.

What if, instead of chasing rabbits, all of humanity took a single moment just to consider the implications of the Easter story? What if, instead of lining up the ironically decorated vestige of young life, we just pause to reconcile the resurrection story? Could the claims be true? And simply “if” they were, what would that mean?

The salvation story is this:

A man named Jesus appeared into the human story, claiming to be the incarnation of the God of Isaac, Abraham and Moses - men of historical reverence. Up until this time, this God had been feared as one of great judgement and even wrath. Those who followed the radical beliefs of the former prophets would offer sacrifices to appease this God, but they lacked the ability to relate personally to this presence and therefore religiosity was greatly prevalent (and polluted). This Jesus demonstrated incredible healings during his life - they were considered miraculous by many and as sorcery and heretical to others. Either way, it was broadly recognized that these acts had a supernatural sense about them. He massively disrupted the culture, religion and politics of his time. This highly interesting human pointed back countless times that the source of his supernatural energy came from “the” divine and ultimate God of the universe. He did not claim to have gained this elevated consciousness by a self-awakening to be replicated by others, but that he was appointed the task of human salvation by an external, personal and loving Father and Creator - one that wanted understanding through relationship. Jesus died a torturous, criminals death to stand beside this claim.

Those are the objective facts of a highly controversial historical figure. Which leaves to question - was his claim true? Were it not, the man Jesus could only be considered a liar or a lunatic and his entire teaching should be thrown out. Were it true, his posture as Lord of the universe had and has massive implications.

The default mode of a human is self-centeredness of the Ego. Jesus called this nature by the name “sin” - an inherent tendency of humanity to stray from his and her created intent and instead seek elevation of the Self. This nature, so claimed and apparent by very action, separates the god of “I Am” from the God of me. This chasm was said to be bridged by the sacrificial death of one man and the invitation was and has ever only been to take a step in faith across the void.

The message that Jesus shared wasn’t mystical. It wasn’t religious, it wasn’t formless energy, it wasn’t secret and hidden knowledge - it was as simple a human relationship as the lowest intellect and human condition could understand; it was for everyone. Because what Jesus brought us was the truth that the God of the universe was not, in fact, an angry one, but one filled with love and longing for relationship with humanity.

Because the celebration story of death is this:

On the third day following his horrific death, Jesus rose again. Testimony accounts reveal that men and women watched him die and yet that they also saw him again days later. According to not only his own account but by very evidence of reality, his death on the cross for us was eternal victory against death itself. That our nature, tainted as it is, has been revealed, redeemed and restored by nothing other than relationship.

Love is not merely energy. Love is not a formless mass of particles that illicit chemical and emotional reactions. Love is not without intimacy, relationship and the laying aside of self-service. Love is not dead. Today we celebrate that Love is alive and breathes for you and I.

In the resurrected King. Love is alive.